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I believe our lives are like books filled with unique and cherished tales. Each chapter has a heading that speaks of the legendary accounts of our lives.

Whether you are celebrating a new chapter, or are seeking a personalized account of a life well lived, I will help you fully honor the moments that comprise your entire story.

As a Certified Life Cycle CelebrantĀ®:

I work with you and your loved one to design a commitment or marriage ceremony that embraces the style, humor and essence of your story.

I help you and your family create a meaning-filled life celebrations that are true reflections of the honoreeā€™s story and which underscores the impact he or she had on family, friends and community.

I construct a fitting tribute that celebrates the life and honors the memory of your cherished pet. 

I help you commemorate any special event that holds deep meaning for you, whether that be a home transition ceremony - for seniors moving to independent or assisted living communities, or the opening of new businesses.  Whatever the occasion, I will work with you to design a ceremony to remember.


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Photo by Crystal Cain

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